Finding Security Among the Confusion

As this is my first post it seems appropriate to tell you about myself as well as my reasoning for starting a blog.

I am young-a senior in high school to be exact-on my way to starting college and determining my fate in the world. I do not know exactly how old people are who typically write blogs but what I envision is a middle aged person sitting behind a desk or dragging their laptop around with them where ever they go on the chance they get sudden inspiration. I am the latter.

A young, fresh and spontaneous being dreaming on the desire to be a writer. I have always loved to write. I can hardly recall a time I wasn’t creating stories to feed my imagination and share with my supportive family who always encouraged my six year old conspiracies¬†about super cats who could fly and defeat the beastly hound dogs ruling the run down allies of New York or the mystical dragon who breathed lightning instead of fire. Imagery and the unusual boundary breaking stories have been my strong suit and I hope this blog will help lead me to my salvation.

I currently am leaning my ever changing mind towards a degree in architecture because the idea of writing, although would be a dream come true, makes me think of job insecurity and the struggle for income and maybe that is true. Maybe pursuing this dream of mine means I will live in a cardboard box the remainder of my life or crash in the back of what ever vehicle I own at the time while mooching off of any free WiFi access point I can get close enough to.

I suppose the reason for starting this blog is for multiple reasons:

  1. Hobby. To fuel my writing instincts and give my days a little more purpose.
  2. Attention. For the possibility, however small, to be noticed and perhaps given job security because of another writing dream of mine… travel blogging.
  3. Connections. To meet new people and interact in a brainstorming and creative atmosphere.
  4. Passion. Above all I just love to write and hope this blog will give me a bit more of responsibility as to not stray from writing and that I may be able to keep up this habit everyday.

This blog of mine can not be combined to one category because as a writer you have the right to think and write about all kinds of different subjects and possibilities. It is a endless pool of shifting ideas that sink and float with rising tides. I hope this becomes something of interest someday between myself and the readers because even if I don’t become anything of value in the writing world, the connections made here would be beyond extraordinary.


One Comment Add yours

  1. Lexie says:

    I love the passion you have for writing, I can’t wait to read more!


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