The Tourist’s Dream



There is always something new to see, until you’ve already seen it all. From the deep, black trenches to crystal blue oceans to the striking and dominant mountains of the world, it would be interesting to find something completely out of the ordinary, something that not even mother nature could produce. Only a mind’s imagination could produce such a scene as bizarre as the one I dream of.

My apartment was a shamble of suitcases and clothes, littering the floor and thrown over any available piece of furniture. Moving around a lot took a toll on cleanliness. When you travel the world as your job, cleaning your apartment you’re in for a few days at a time, isn’t on the top of your priority list.

White paint chipped off of the red brick walls it had to tried to conceal and the wood rafters cast shadows on the ground as the sky light let in the golden-orange glow of the fading sun. The wood boards creaked under my bustling weight as I tried to create order in this chaotic home.

It was dark before I even realized it and the clock quickly ticked past one in the morning. Deciding enough was enough for one day I climbed my way into my room and flopped onto the soft comforter and pillows on my bed. Crawling under the blankets and sinking into the pillows I watched the stars above until one by one they slowly twinkled out and all I saw was black.


And then it was bright, but not a blinding bright, more of a calming peaceful melody that soothed your agonies and helped you drift into ease. I looked up to the sky but found it was not a sky at all. When you jump into a pool and let yourself sink to the bottom of the water, you would look up to see the sun shinning through the texture of the waves. You would see the scattering of light surrounding you in the light blue world you submerged yourself in. That was the sky, the underneath pool image I remembered from my childhood, rippling under the sun. Safe from the outside world and free to swim below as long as I could hold my breath.

But I didn’t have to hold my breath, in fact, it was unlike any breath I had ever breathed before. It was not air I breathed, I do not know what it was but when I took a breath it seemed to open me and fill me with a floating feeling.

The ground below my feet was something soft and misty. Looking out I had a strange sense that I had seen them before, but couldn’t quite recall what they were…Clouds. They were the tops of clouds! Taking a step, I wobbled a bit as walking on clouds felt a lot like walking on a platform of wet sponges. I shivered a bit as water droplets began to emerge from the ground underneath me and float to the watery sky above.

I started to run a little as it rained from below me. As I jumped over a part of the cloud that stuck up a little I began to float up into the sky. I kicked my legs and I rose higher to the shimmering surface.

Breaking the barrier I continued to float until I was standing on the water’s surface. In one direction it seemed to travel on for an abysmal length, in the other a forest protruded from the water. I made my way over to the forest carefully, walking on water was like walking on slippery ice and I was afraid that if I fell I’d fall back down to the clouds below me.

The sky was a golden-yellow and it reflected on the giant forest flowers growing. The flowers soared high above my head, reaching lengths as tall, if not higher than the trees. They swayed in the breeze and as I walked, watching the flowers above, I saw a bird swoop down in the path in front of me.

How strange this world was that I became a tourist to. As I watched, the bird swooped down, but it flew unlike any bird I every saw. It flew upside down as if its wings had been restitched the opposite way as they were intended. He landed in front of me and wrapped his wings underneath him as he hobbled down the path.

Up the path, I heard a splashing noise and looked around to find its source. I walked forward until the forest of flowers had started to deplete and to my right was a clearing. The water raced up into the sky like a geyser and only when the water fell did I see the source. A humpback whale, splashed his tail against the water as he flew over my head. He called to me as his voice sounded strangled, like a creaking whistle and I ducked down to the side to avoid his giant tale as soared higher into the darkening sky to my left.

The golden-yellow sky slowly mixed in to a darkening blue one and as I emerged from the flowers, I saw the never-ending blue and black pit, unraveling before me. I climbed onto a giant rock, covered in moss and vines, to look out into this never seen before section. As I neared the top, the rock began to shake and shudder. I hunkered down closer, and gripped the vines to avoid falling off, as the rock began to remove itself from the ground.

We floated into the darker section as my rock began to sprout two flippers on each side. I puzzled for a moment before realizing it was a turtle. I was riding on a flying turtle as he maneuvered through a pitch black hole in the sky. A brilliant, sparkling array of floating lights surrounded me in the sky like a sphere. Some were close enough to touch and others seemed to be shinning from miles and miles away. They were stars floating in space and in the distance I could see colors I’d never seen before on revolving planets.

I watched the whale swimming through the stars as he made his way to another black hole. My flying turtle followed the path of the whale as he maneuvered through the stars, careful not to touch any of them. This black hole spiraled in a purple haze and seemed to suck us in menacingly. We flew straight with out a twitch or falter and were shot through to the other side like out of a barrel of a gun.

Below I saw familiar sites. Along with the other planets I grew up learning about, I saw earth, my home. The whale soared around earth and struck advancing meteors away with his tail, our earth’s mighty hero. My turtle began to fly down to the place I grew up, the place I learned everything I know and the place I have traveled all over. And from up here looking down, it suddenly occurred to me that maybe the earth is more extraordinary than what I had given it credit.


The stars above began to twinkle out and the sun shinning in greeted me with a warm welcome and soft glow to start the day. I took a deep breath and the smell of old wood and chipping paint engulfed my nose. I climbed out of bed, ready to explore the never before seen places, this extraordinary world has to offer.


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